Gavita CT 1930e

Upgrade to LED faster than ever with the Gavita CT 1930

Commercial cannabis cultivators across the country are upgrading to LED lighting in days – not months – with our Gavita CT 1930e.

Seamless installation

  • It is the industry’s first and only LED that is a 1:1 HPS replacement
  • The compact design fits in HPS layouts, making it simple to replace hundreds at a time

Eligible For Rebates

The CT 1930e is DLC Certified and is eligible for energy rebates. The federal government, states, and local municipalities offer a number of incentives and rebates for LED lighting. Our rebate partner can help you find every rebate that you qualify for.

Better Flower, More Control, Lower Energy Costs

Standard LEDs can reproduce the blues and reds plants need as they grow. The CT 1930e surpasses traditional LED performance and scales from 400 nm to 700 nm with incredible uniformity, boosting blue and red wavelengths while balancing in between with beneficial green. Premium drivers powering each diode help create a broad, full-spectrum light source capable of coaxing vigorous growth from your plants as their needs change, with stunning precision and reliable fixture life.

Financing is Available

Talk with us about our financing options for cultivation equipment. We make your large equipment purchases easy on your cash flow. Financing is subject to credit approval.

Gavita 1930e price table

Quantity Discounts

Order in quantity and save more on each light.


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