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Greenlight provides custom services and consulting  to help you grow your plants and your cultivation business.

Talk to us about how we can help you optimize your grow rooms, finance your operations, upgrade your equipment, and find more energy rebates.

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Maximize your grow with efficient lighting plans customized for you.

Benching Layout

Benching Layout

Optimize your floor plan with fewer aisles and more grow space.

Airflow mapping


See, optimize and analyze your airflow design with our virtual technology.


Determine the best HVAC configuration and equipment for your space.

cultivation facility design

Facility Design

Experts help design your facility for best performance, efficiency and profit.

dispensary facility design

Dispensary Facility Design

Retail professionals assist you in designing your floor plan.


Find all of the valuable state and local energy rebates you qualify for.

Equipment Financing


Finance your purchases with affordable monthly payments.

growth capital


Get the capital you need to upgrade, expand, and operate your business.


Maintain your day-to-day cash flow with great rates on working capital

cultivation facility design

Real Estate Financing

Launch, move and expand with financing for cultivators.

real estate financing

Minority Owned Financing

You may qualify for special financing and rates with Suite 420 Access.

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Our Partners

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Suite 420 Solutions

Provides timely working capital to cultivation and dispensary businesses while allowing you to retain your maximum ownership and profit.

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Suite 420 Access

Committed to raising dedicated capital to provide preferred terms for minority-owned cultivation and dispensary businesses.

Joywave Consulting

Custom consulting to help start-up and established commercial cultivators navigate licensing, growth and expansion.

Seinergy Rebates Logo


Finds state and local energy rebates that you qualify for when you purchase LED lighting and related equipment.