Gavita Pro 1700e LED 120-277 Volt

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The industry-leading Gavita Pro 1700e LED is Versatile, Powerful and Energy Efficient

It is a great time to build, upgrade and expand your cultivation space with our exclusive financing offer on the industry-leading light fixtures from Gavita and Greenlight Distribution.

You can now upgrade to our top-selling Gavita 1700e LED with a monthly payment plan as low as $25 per light per month for 48 months (minimum quantity and credit approval is required).

The 1700e delivers more usable energy to your plants while consuming less power. It is a full-term light fixture that provides consistent, energy-efficient results, gives cultivators more control, and is more pleasant to work under.

  • Better Yields
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Lower HVAC Requirements
  • Eligible For Energy Rebates
  • Cost Competitive Compared To DE Fixtures

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED fixture operates at 645 watts with an output of 1700 µmol s-1 PAR and an impressive efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. The Pro 1700e delivers broad, intense light coverage with its 8 passively cooled LED bars allowing you to use it in low rooms, vertical racks, over benches, or even in tents. This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full-term plant growth from the vegetative stage to the higher-light-requiring bloom and finishing stages. Built with premium Philips drivers, Samsung white LEDs and Osram deep-red LEDs, this fixture uses only the highest-quality components. The fixture is dimmable to 50% without any loss of efficiency using the Gavita E-Series LED Adapter and Gavita Master Controllers. The Gavita E-Series LED Adapter – 120-277 V (#906151, sold separately) is required for each fixture when using the controller; non-controlled fixtures simply operate at 100%. The Gavita Pro 1700e LED fixture and Gavita E-Series LED Adapter are FCC compliant, UL8800, and IP66 rated for use in wet environments with a maximum ambient operating temperature of 40∞C. Sun GripÆ light hangers included. Dimensions: 44.1 in x 43.7 in x 2.3 in. Weight: 28.4 lbs.

  • DLC Listed
  • 8 passively cooled bars eliminate moving parts and provide full-spectrum, broad-coverage light for full-term growth
  • High-output 1700 µmol s-1 PAR and an impressive efficacy of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt
  • Dimmable to 50% when using the Gavita Master Controller and E-Series Adapter
  • FCC compliant, UL8800 and IP66 wet-rated for use in wet environments, allowing for versatile placement in growing spaces with low ceilings, vertical racks, benches or even in tents
  • Reliably sourced components including Philips Drivers, Samsung white LEDs and Osram deep-red LEDs make the 1700e built to last
  • Sun Grip® light hangers included for quick, easy installation
  • If connecting to the Gavita EL1 or 2 controller an HGC906717 or HGC906716 is required.

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2 reviews for Gavita Pro 1700e LED 120-277 Volt

  1. danny

    the best

  2. Devin Eggerton

    Gavita is the best light on the market, hands down!

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