Airflow mapping

Let our experts customize your grow room with Airflow Mapping

Airflow Mapping lets you see, optimize and analyze your airflow design — before changing a thing in your facility. This service is available with any qualifying Quest IQ or Gavita LED purchase.


Our cultivation experts work with growers to get to know your space. Then, they’ll use computational fluid dynamics—the same technology used by NASA to analyze air patterns—to create data-backed renderings capable of identifying microclimates and more.


You can see how various layouts can affect airflow without moving a thing. The Airflow Mapping service makes it possible to virtually test and customize fan configurations tailored to a grower’s space, before reconfiguring your facility.


With decades of horticultural experience, the team is able to recommend solutions that account for the complex interplay of airflow, humidity and temperature with other factors like lighting and benching layouts.


 Service doesn’t end at the sale. The technical services team, a network of scientists, engineers and cultivation experts, are here to help every step of the way with pre- and post-sale support.

Airflow Mapping is available with any qualifying Quest IQ or Gavita LED purchase.

Airflow mapping

Introducing Intelligent Grow Room HVAC

Designed to provide the ultimate solution for the most grow rooms, the Quest IQ Evolution Series answers every one of the most critical grow room requirements.

The IQ Series is available in a wide range of sizes and options to provide the most space-efficient, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution possible – while delivering the most stable and scalable performance in the industry. There is no other system on the market that provides more capacity, value or performance in a smaller footprint.

  • Provides precise control of the variable humidity requirements for each growing phase
  • 45 to 170 lbs/hr moisture removal capacity and 3,000 to 16,000 CFM of air handling
  • Dual, parallel, staged compressors
  • 2 compressors, 2 supply air fans, 2 cabinets, one package
  • Service vestibule outside of the air stream for ease of service and quiet operation
  • Wide range of auxiliary heating options available
  • EC blower motor technology for lowest operating costs
  • Free Airflow Mapping service available with purchase
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